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Exact Invest A/S has made several strategic private equity investments.

We participate in the boards to ensure extra value add to the investments undertaken.

Our primary target is the fast developing Fintech sector and our geographical scope is global - with primary focus on Latin America and Northern Europe.

Some of our investments

Private debt 

We see a very interesting market where our investors can benefit from large differences in credit market and interest rates across borders and sectors. Our global presence and hands-on approach provide investors access to a very interesting asset class with great risk/reward.

Established in 2013, Flex Funding is disrupting the credit market with a P2P lending platform creating the bridge between investors and companies in need of capital.

Large investments in technologically advanced systems, AI and machine learning are among some of the most important factors for the scalability of the company.

Exact Invest has co-invested in the company.​

Flex Funding

Fintech platform within P2P crowdlending


Canada-Brazil based Financial Technology company

CPQi creates, facilitates and administrates financial platforms and systems for large financial institutions.

Specialists at platform implementation & risk support
Headquartered in Brazil, also operating in the USA, Canada, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Peru.

Key differentiators:

  • Exclusively Fintech services

  • Banking-trained staff

  • Nearshore services that substantially reduce costs for complicated major platforms

  • Key partners with Calypso, Murex, Finastra, Moody’s and OpenLink

  • Successful delivery of over 25 platform projects and numerous build projects in just the last five years alone

Exact Invest has co-invested in the company.


Fintech and real estate related

Exact Invest manages several Private Equity funds. We strive to create synergies within our core business fields to ensure best-in-class management. Technology, finance (fintech) and real estate are within our primary field of expertise. With our hands-on approach, we participate actively in the Board to create additional value for the underlying asset (company).

We are always looking towards new private equity investments, and we believe that our large experience and experts within our core investment fields create a unique value-add to our investors.

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