Villagio Dunas Contemporaneo

38 houses in a closed condominium/ 150 m2

The project Dunas Contemporaneo is still undegoing project planning, but we expect to build 38 houses of about 150 m2. The land lies in the neighborhood of Dunas, which is now undergoing a major development. Several projects have been launched in this area within the past few years and all have had high sales rates. There are also planned some public investments in the area. The inspiration for Villagio Dunas Contemporaneo comes from the project Villagio Marbello, however, consisting of smaller units. This project targets the middle class.


    Place: Dunas
    Type: middle class housing
    Size: 38 houses/ 150 m2
    Share: 40%
    Partner: Interpar-Urban
    Sales status: Ej startet
    Revenue: Expected R$ 15 million
    Completion: Q2, 2015
    Status: Purchased