Allegro Condomium Club

112 apartments/ 73 m2

Project Allegro is located in the popular district of Lago Jacarey, in Ceara's capital Fortaleza. It consists of 111 apartments of 73 m2 with an average retail price of DKK 700.000 per apartment. The project targets the middle class, and sales figures show that the project has hit the head of the nail in relation to the demand. In the beginning of 2009, Allegro was mentioned in the local newspapers as one of the best-selling real estate properties in Fortaleza, despite the financial crisis and market turbulances. The partner in this project is Colmeia, which is among the largest builders/contractors in Fortaleza.

See Allegro's slide show here

  • Oktober 2011

  • Færdigbygget. Billede: Maj, 2012.

    Location:  Cidade dos Funcionarios - Lago Jacarey
    Type: middle class housing
    Size: 111 apartments/ 73 m2
    Share: 50%
    Partner: Colmeia
    Sales status: 110 units out of 111
    Revenue: R$ 24 million
    Status: Completed


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