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25 Jan 2013

Successful seminars

As part of the capital raise in Exact PE I held two successful seminars

The investment seminars were held respectively at Lindø Industripark on January 8th and at the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies in Copenhagen on January 22nd. The seminars presented the opportunities in Brazil and explained the background for and the investment strtegy of Exact PE I A/S by CEO of Exact Group, Martin Nymark.

Brazil and Latin America expert, Niels Westy, who represented the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies, contributed with presentations at both seminars. He spoke about both oppotunities and challenges in Brazil, the World's sixth largest economy. Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies is currently in the process of establishing an office in Brazil and is in close contact with CEO of Exact Capital & Consulting, Rolf Andersen, who runs the office in São Paulo.