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09 Aug 2013

Successful partnerships

Porto Freire - Housing projects in Parque de Sol

Since 2011, Exact Brazil A/S has had two successful partnerships with the developer Porto Freire on housing projects in Parque de Sol. Parque de Sol has been developed by Porto Freire since 1997, it consists of an enclosed area with a number of individual Condominios and stands today as an independent neighbourhood  in Fortaleza. Thus far, over 400 units from the two existing partnerships have been sold, and the company has signed a purchase agreement for 50 % of the remaining three plots in Parque de Sol.

The three projects will be launched in 2014 and 2015 consisting of approx. 400 residences from 60 to 100 m2. The budgeted profit of the three projects represents 24,5 MBRL. 

You can visit Exact Brazil's two existing projects in Parque de Sol: Portal de Ávila and Las Palmas.

 LasPalmas2, april 2013