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01 Aug 2012

Sobral shopping at Brazil’s main TV

"TV Globo" talks about impacts of constructions in medium cities

The strategy, also employed by Exact Invest, to tackle the Brazilian retail sector has been highlighted at Brazil's main channel, TV Globo. The report talked about the impact that the construction of shopping centers is having on the creation of jobs in medium cities. Sobral Shopping, one of Exact Invest's projects, is referred to as "a giant built in the calm landscape of the city of Sobral".

 According to the Brazilian association of shopping centers, seven in every ten malls to be opened in the country in 2012 are located in medium cities, with populations ranging from 100 and 500 thousand inhabitants.

Sobral has a total of 200 thousand inhabitants. Considering the surrounding areas, the population jumps to 500 thousand people. However, the closest well-structured shopping center facility is located over 200 kilometers far. With the increase in the purchasing power of the middle class, the shopping demands of the population have also increased, turning the construction of malls into more than a business strategy, but a necessity for the local residents.

The report made by TV Globo is available at*:


* Audio and texts are in Portuguese.