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26 Sep 2016

Rio Olympics: legacy and lessons learnt

Ministry of Internal affairs describes the event as a "huge success", despite the challenges

A month after the end of the Olympic and Paralympic Games of Rio de Janeiro, analysts evaluate the contribution of the biggest sportive event on the planet to Rio and to Brazil. With 1.17 million tourists having passed by Rio de Janeiro in two weeks, 410 thousand foreigners and 760 thousand Brazilians, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has classified the event as "a huge success", despite de initial delays and worries.

For Rolf Andersen, CEO of Exact Capital & Consulting, all the main obstacles were overcome and Brazil was able to host a thrilling event its own way. "I believe the Olympic Games showed the spirit of resilience of Brazilians and their ability to conclude large scale projects under great pressure", says Rolf.

From the external visitors, 17% were from the United States, 12% from Argentina and 7% from Germany, who spent an average of 130 USD per day. As a short term benefit, the amount spent will lead to a significant increase in tax collection for the government of Rio de Janeiro. The occupancy rate of hotels increased 94%, while restaurants had 70% more visitors. On the medium term, Brazil hopes to gain from the promotion of the country as a brand and as a nation that is ready to receive and take good care of its visitors. As for the long term benefits, the urban changes such as new metro lines and bus corridors will serve as legacy for the years to come.