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08 Nov 2012

Officiel launch of Portal de Ávila

Sales success. Two days after the launch no less than 34 units have already been sold already.

The project, Portal de Ávila, is developed by Exact Brazil in cooperation with Porto Freire and consists of 272 apartments in 4 different size from 59 sqm to 120 sqm. Ávila has been launched on Monday, November 5th, 2012. Up until mid-December there will be spent approximately DKK 500,000 on TV and newspaper marketing. The sale is a success, and no less than 34 units have been sold just two days after the launch. 

It have already been decided to raise the price by 5% on the most popular apartment sizes.

The budget target for 2012 is sales of 39 apartments at the end of the year, but it is now expected that the target is both achieved and exceeded. 

Porto Freire has made a promotion video for Portal de Ávila. Check it out.