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08 May 2013

North Shopping Sobral has opened

Grand opening of North Shopping Sobral

Sobral åbning 1

CEO Kurt Kahla and wife, joint by controller Denize Matni were received on the red carpet, at the opening party  

North Shopping Sobral Opening was celebrated with a magnificent reception on Thursday 2nd of May 2013 having more 
than a thousand invited guests and a massive media coverage.  Amongst the guests were Ceará's governor Cid Gomes, 
who held an opening speech wherein he referred to Exact Invest and Denmark in very positive terms.

Sobral åbning 4

The opening party received a massive attention from the media

The Shopping Center opened to the public on Friday 3rd of May 2013, and from early morning many customers were lined
up outside the doors waiting to enter the new mall. 
North Shopping Sobral expects to receive 500.000 visitors per month.

Sobral åbning 2

Eagerly anticipating customers were waiting for the doors to open

Sobral åbning 3

A great crowd of customers came through the doors on North Shopping Sobral opening day