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21 Jul 2014

New world champion

Exact Invest Brazil has sponsored a new world champion in jiu-jitsu

Exact  Invest  Brazil  has  sponsored  a  13  year old  girl's  participation in  the World Championship  in  jiu-jitsu in  Rio She  is  very talented  and  has  discovered  the sport  through  a  social programme  in  Caucaia, which  is  a suburb of Fortaleza Her family backs  her up,  but  didn't have the  financial  ability to pay the trip to Rio de Janeiro.

Exact has paid the journey for Ánalia and her Mother and we have just received the good news that Ánaliatoday won her class and can now call herself world champion!!

We hope that many doors now opens to Ánalia, so that she can utilize her talent fully.

Please note that we fortunately reached to get Exacts logo on the kimono -and that Ánalia as a good professional sportsman remembered being photographed in the right position!


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