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13 Dec 2012

New suspension bridge connects Fortaleza

The bridge is built near the Exact Brazil project Montblanc

The city of Fortaleza recently published the construction plans for a new suspension bridge that will connect the busy main road Avenida Washinton Suarez with the southeast of Fortaleza city center. The suspension bridge crosses the river, Rio Cocó, and contributes to ease the congested traffic hub that meets traffic coming from the south entering the city center and business district.

The suspension bridge will have two driving lanes in each direction and extends across a green area. It will connect the district of Cidade 2000 and Dunas on the north side of the river with Centro de Eventos do Ceará on the south side, where e.g. the Universidade de Fortaleza is located.

Good news for the real estate market in the area
The suspension bridge is naturally good news to the real estate market of the surrounding districts and, therefore, also to the Exact Brazil project Montblanc, which is being built in the neighborhood Cidade 2000 and will overlook the scenic green area. The location of the suspension bridge (1) and Montblanc can be seen on the map below. CEO of Exact Invest, Kurt Kahla, said after the announcement of the construction plans: "The bridge gives a big boost to the neighborhood and only makes Montblanc an even more interesting case for Exact Brazil." The importance of the nearby suspension bridge is illustrated by the fact that it is also part of the promotion campaign of Montblanc.  Check out the Brazilian promotional video here.


Lookout Tower to be tourist attraction
At the same time, the construction of a 100 meter tall lookout tower was announced. It will offer a restaurant and 360 º view of Fortaleza (2 on the map), while there will also be public access to a new art gallery and the square surrounding the tower. Both the suspension bridge and the tower are expected to be completed before the World Cup in 2014.

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