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22 May 2012

New developmet projects initiated

Projects are developed in connection with Paroma Construções

Exact Brazil has just ventured into two new land development projects with Paroma Contruçoes, this in a 50/50 partnership. Paroma is a well-known partner from a previously identical, successful project at Santos Dumont. Firstly, an additional plot at Santos Dumont, totaling 2.500 square meters and secondly  3 plots in the area Papicu, an area having the highest construction percentage allowed in Fortaleza. Both developments, at their present size, are having the potential for construction of buildings with a maximum of 22 floors. However further attempts will be made to buy adjacent plots to achieve an even higher construction percentage. 10 million BRL, corresponding to approx. 30 million DKK have been allocated to these two investments.