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09 May 2016

Launch of new fund – Exact Flex Invest A/S

Exact has recently launched a new fund, called Exact Flex Invest

The investment strategi is to invest in company loans through the crowdfunding platform Flex Finansiering, which is expected to yield a return of 6-8% per year. Flex Funding is the leading Crowdfunding platform i Danmark, and the only one that has received the unlimited approval from "Finanstilsynet" (Danish FSA). Flex Funding is facilitating loans from private and Institutional investors to small and medium sized danish companies, and perform a full credit analysis before the loans are made available for investors on their homepage.foretager en Fuld kreditvurdering before lånene done available for Investorer in their hjemmeside. Exact Flex Invest will only invest in loans with additional guarantee from the owners, and has furthermore entered into an agreement with Flex Funding for Flex Funding to cover up to 10% of a potential loss of invested capital in the funds 30 month lifetime. To read more about Flex Funding please click here (www.flexfunding.com), and for those interested in Exact Flex Funding A/S please contact Exact.