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06 May 2016

Impeachment proceedings against Dilma continues

Lower House voted to proceed with impeachment proceedings against Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff

The vote was seen as crucial for Ms. Rousseff's chances to stay in office, and it is now up to the senate to vote for the final approval of the impeachment proceedings. Ms. Rousseff's support is even weaker in the Senate, and most observers therefore consider the most likely outcome will be a removal of the president when the Senate votes in the beginning of May. The official reason for the impeachment is misrepresentation of the public accounts, however the main reason cited by most politicians and observers is the ongoing corruption scandal, the deterioration of the public finances and lack of growth, and the lack of political support needed to get reforms approved. If the Senate votes to proceed with impeachment, current vice-president Mr. Michel Temer will become head of state, and will form a new government.