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22 Aug 2011

Exact combines cycling and samba

Exact Invest combines cycling and samba at a single event in Åarhus

Exact Invest received 26 guests from two networking cycling teams in Århus on Sunday, the 21st of August. Bicycle riders from Connecting Aarhus and Team Solvang - two non-professional teams formed by politicians and business people - went on a 106 kilometers trip, boosted by a sunny weather and clear blue sky. The journey started at Exact Invest, in Åarhus, and continued through the beautiful route in the hills around Mols. 

The ride was completed in three hours and thirty minutes. Back to the Exact facilities, the cyclists had a series of entertainment activities. After the long ride, they received a relaxing massage and had the chance to know better about Exact activities in Brazil. The guests also had a real taste of Brazil, with delicious local food and music.
The group Sambananas brought authentic live Brazilian music and the three samba girls showed how contagious the Brazilian culture can be. 

For Martin Nymark, CEO from Exact Group, the gathering was a great opportunity for networking. "The event was joyful and we had the chance to create and strengthen connections among people involved in several businesses activities. I believe that having good relations is the base for all types of future partnerships", says Martin Nymark. He adds that the intercultural context is also important, especially in times of crisis, when local businesses and investors tend to search for external markets such as Brazil. "The idea of presenting Brazil is also a way to show that even though the cultural differences exist, both parts can benefit from that - each one can get something from another", concludes.

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