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02 Apr 2014

Exact at conferences about Colombia

Colombian and Danish conferences focus on Colombia and Peru

Andean Institutional Real Estate Forum in Bogota March 11-12, 2014

Institutional investors visited in March Bogota to hear about investment opportunities in the real estate market in Colombia and Peru. The conference was held at the JW Marriott hotel in Bogota and there were almost 200 participants.

The participants were primarily American pension funds and foundations, and Funds of Funds that understands and appreciates the positive macroeconomic and demographic developments in Colombia and Peru. The investors perceive these two markets as the next natural market in Latin America, where especially Brazil and Mexico have dominated the international real estate investments in Latin America over the past decade.

Exact Invest Colombia co-sponsored the conference and CEO Olli Fischer was part of the panel. "It is impressive to see the growing interest among institutional investors in the property market in Colombia over the last three years", says and Olli Fischer continues, "Investors are extremely well informed about the improved security situation and the positive macroeconomic outlook for the country. Their focus and concern is now on identifying the right local fund managers/general partners who have the capacity to reduce risk at the project level and ensure implementation. " 

 Olli Adean Forum Lys
CEO at Exact Invest Colombia, Olli Fischer speaks (2nd from the right) in the panel "Regional Spotlight - Colombia"

Global Business : Peru and Colombia in Copenhagen February 18, 2014
Denmark has also chosen to highlight developments in Colombia and Peru, with a conference at Berlingske Media in Copenhagen. From Exact Invest Analyst & Business Developer Søren Møller-Larsson participated at the conference, where the opportunities for export, trade and investment in Colombia and Peru were elaborated. Among the speakers were Minister of Trade and Development Mogens Jensen (S), who spoke enthusiastically about both Colombia and Peru and highlighted Colombia's 50 million inhabitants as being a "driver" for development. Colombia's (and Brazil's) Ambassador Svend Roed Nielsen, also, spoke warmly about the country and the political work behind the newly established embassy in Colombia that is due to open later this year. In addition, he mentioned the upcoming free trade agreement between Europe and the Pacific Alliance, which is expected to be phased in over the next year, while an actual double taxation agreement between Denmark and Colombia is expectedly finalized by the end of 2014.

The link below provides access to presentations from all speakers at the conference and a small TV clip. Among others a presentation from Falck that, in 2011, made a major investment by acquiring the ambulance company EMI with headquarters in Colombia.

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