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06 Oct 2014

Election in Brazil

First round finished

For the presidential election in Brazil fought the three candidates Dilma Rousseff from PT (Socialist Workers Party), Aécio Neves from the PSDB (centre-right) and Marina Silva from the PSB (centre-left) in order to gain the Presidency in Brazil.

The currently President Dilma Rousseff received the most votes in the first round of today's presidential election, which took place Sunday, October 5th 2014. According to figures from the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), with 99.99% of the ballot papers calculated, Rousseff won with 43.267.438 votes (41.59%), Aécio Neves got 34.897.196 (33,55%) and Marina Silva got 22.176.613 (21,32%).

In the second round of the election, that takes place Sunday 26th October 2014 the present President Dilma Rousseff stands up against Aécio Neves.