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03 Oct 2016

Brazilian consumer confidence in new rise

September registered highest increase since 2015

Following the government transition, the Brazilian consumer confidence keeps pointing to an economic turnaround. In September, the index rose for the 5th consecutive month, hitting the highest point in one and a half years. The GetĂșlio Vargas Foundation index of consumer confidence rose from 79.3 in August to 80.6 in September, the highest since January 2015. 

CEO of Exact Invest Brazil, Kurt Kahla believes the scenario of political definition will be the key drive for an economic turnaround. "The new government seems to have more maneuverability to take the necessary steps towards recovery", says Kahla. 

The rise in consumer confidence has already reflected Exact's figures, as the sales of houses in the company's projects in Fortaleza have grown significantly compared to the first and second quarter of 2016. "Even still missing the factual figures in the fundamental macroeconomic in Brazil we see an increasing optimism between our business partners and clients. In July we have experienced an increasing number of visits in the sales stands and we ended the month selling 40% more apartments compared to the first half of 2016. It is too early to make conclusions, but it is one among many signs that we will see a recovery starting", finishes.