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07 Aug 2011

AquaViva sales figures reach 600 units

Brazil goes on the opposite direction from the financial crisis

The economic crisis has left its mark on the consumer expectations and the real estate market in Europe and the USA, while more positive tendencies are evident in Northeast Brazil. With a record low unemployment the large and growing Brazilian middle class is looking positively at the future and this is also reflected, alongside the strong private consumption, in the real estate market in Northeast Brazil.

The sales figures of the project AquaViva of 672 apartments and 86 houses have already reached 600 units. The project is located in the district Messejana that is the biggest coherent district in Fortaleza with around 350,000 citizens. The construction is well underway and the first stage of 336 apartments and 51 houses has an expected delivery in 2011 and 2012. The second stage, which consists of the last 336 apartments and 35 houses, has an expected delivery in 2012-2013.