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22 Apr 2014

Ambassador visits in Fortaleza

and Skoleskibet Danmark also came by...

The Danish Ambassador in Brazil, Svend Roed Nielsen, visited Exact Invest Brazil on the April 15th 2014. The ambassador visited Exact's office and discussed the challenges and business opportunities in Brazil with Exact Invest Brazil's CEO Kurt Kahla. The visit ended with visits to several of Exact's ongoing and completed projects.

It was the Ambassador's first visit to Fortaleza, which took place as Skoleskibet Danmark anchored Fortaleza around the weekend of April the 12-13 2014. Read the diary of the the students and the crew from the vayage here www.martec.nu/da/skoleskibet/togtet/dagboeger-2014. The experiences in Fortaleza and CearĂ¡ is described from April 12-15.


KK & Svend Roed Web
Kurt Kahla left and Svend Roed Nielsen right in front of a plan of Parque del Sol, where Exact has several projects with Porto Freire